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  • 1

    Do you retreat from relationships or find a lack of authentic connection with people?

     Yes    No  
  • 2

    Are you discouraged with your current circumstances or disappointed in other people?

     Yes    No  
  • 3

    Do you find yourself repeating the same, negative message over and over in your head?

     Yes    No  
  • 4

    Do you find yourself having a victim mentality?

     Yes    No  
  • 5

    Is it difficult for you to hear the voice of God?

     Yes    No  
  • 6

    Do you have a hard time experiencing God’s presence personally?

     Yes    No  
  • 7

    Do you carry a negative self-image that affects the way you relate to God and others?

     Yes    No  
  • 8

    Are there issues from your past that you have been avoiding dealing with?

     Yes    No  
  • 9

    Do you carry around unfinished business?

     Yes    No  
  • 10

    Do you struggle knowing what you are called to do and what you need to let go of?

     Yes    No  
  • 11

    Do you struggle with knowing your limits and setting clear boundaries?

     Yes    No  
  • 12

    Are you afraid to leave the comfort of safe living and step out into the risky world of faith living?

     Yes    No  

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